My best memory during Obon vacation

I asked my family yesterday,

"What is your best memory during Obon vacation?"

We had Obon vacation from 8/10 to 16 ( Strictly speaking, my work started from yesterday).

"My best memory was going to the park! We could feel that autumn will be coming. The wind was blowing comfortably, you were playing actively, and we were looking at you two. That was very comfortable and made me happy."

(I wrote about this in past post "Signs of Autumn " → http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/2015/08/signs-of-autumn.html )

My husband said,

"I agree. It was the only oppotunity that children could play outside."

But our children's opinions were quite different from ours.

My 6-year-old son said,

"Mine is to go to Sushiro!"

My 5-year-old daughter also said,

"Me too! Sushi was yummy! And we watched fireworks from our car!"

I didn't write about this event in my blog.

I went to the hairsalon to have my haircut last Friday.

Since I came back home about 5pm and I couldn't be bothered to make dinner, we went to Sushiro (one of the most popular conveyor belt sushi bar in Japan).

My son looked very hungry, he ate ten plate sushi including desserts.

It was his best record so far.

After we finished dinner, we found the fireworks which were set off from near our city on our way home.

So my husband stopped on the way and watched them for a while.

The best memory of family events is like a report card which children give parents.

Althouh parents spend a lot of money for family event, children often don't remember it.

It might be important for children that all family member is here and enjoy together.

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