I can't help being interested

I wrote about our new family members, Japanese rhinoceros beetles in my yesterday's post.

I have never raised insects for a pet when I was a child, so I am interested in the unknown world.

When I woke up at 4am yesterday, I went to see what they were doing at the very beginning.

In fact, I looked forward to seeing them in the early morning because they have nocturnal habits and I thought I would be able to see them moving actively.

They were eating insect jelly together.

They seemed to get along well.

But, when my 6-year-old son woke up at 7am and went to see them, he said,

"Mom! The female is not in the cage!"

"What? It was there when I looked at it in the morning. Didn't it stick to the top of the cage?"

I answered.

"No, it has disappeared!"

Then I had an idea flashed before my mind.

"Maybe is it hiding into soil? It might raise eggs!"

My children were glad to hear my guess.

But I was not sure because we didn't see their copulation not even once.

The female came out from soil yesterday's evening.

I saw them this morning, the female was in the soil again.

Their behaviors are very mysterious for me.

I really can't help being interested in them now though I don't like any insects!

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