Good-bye Siro-kun, Hello Aka-kun

My family visited the car dealer because yesterday was scheduled delivery of my new red car.

( I wrote about the day we decided to purchase a new red car at my past entry. → http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/2015/07/a-dilemma-on-buying-it-now.html )

I told my children,

"Today is the last day that we can spend time together with Siro-kun."

My 6-year-old son said,

"And we will say hello to Aka-kun!"

Siro-kun is a nickname of my white kei car.

(* Kei car is a unique Japanese category of small vehicles.)

And Aka-kun is a nickname of my new red car.

I bought the white kei car 8 and a half years ago.

My 5-year-old daughter was almost crying and said,

"But I want to stay with Siro-kun together forever.  How poor Siro-kun! It will be thrown away, won't it?"

When we told my son that my husband and I decided to purchase a new car, my son also said, "You mean, our white car will be thrown away,  won't it? I will feel lonely"

I told them,

"No, the car dealer staff will look for the next owner of our Siro-kun. I hope that they will be able to find a good person who likes Siro-kun."

I contined,

"Siro-kun and you two have been together since you were born, right? I can understand how much sad it is for both of you not to see our white car anymore. But our new partner Aka-kun will be waiting for us. Let's say good-bye to Siro-kun and say hello to Aka-kun!"

It was very interesting for me that my children and I have a same personality of valuing things and letting go of something really matters instead of finding something new.

After we got a new red car, we went driving.

It was comfortable to ride in, and it was very quiet inside the car.

It handled well.

My 5-year-old daughter fell asleep soon.

We had an early dinner and visited the aqurium.

Since it was a surprise for my children, they were so delighted.

The aquarium specially opens at night only during Obon.

We enjoyed feeding fishes and watching different sea creatures in the aquarium.

The night dolphin and sea lion show was very crowded but it was fantastic!

We had a very nice experience at the aquarium and the children felt glad about it, then we drove home with Aki-kun.

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