We met Kumamon!

Since I had a day off yesterday, my children and I visited Centrair (the nickname of Chubu Central International Airport) with my mother.

It is located near my parent's house, so we have visited there many times to see the airplanes.

The show event which was sponsored by a local TV station was held there and we could see "Kumamon" for the first time.

Kumamon is one of the most famous and popular "Yuru-chara" in Japan.

"Yuru-chara" stands for "Yurui character"in Japanese meaning "loose character".

Mascots like Kumamon for each of the prefectures have been created by each prefectural government to promote their campaigns to boost the development of the area and local products.

From left, Wolfy is the mascot charactor of local TV station.

Next, Mysterious traveler Fu is the mascot charactor of Chubu Centrair International Airport.

Right one is Kumamon, it is the mascot charactor of Kumamoto prefecture.

I was surprised that adults were more glad to see them than children and they were desperate to take photos of them.

Maybe they would post the photo to their SNS (me too!).

Only a few children joined "Let's dance with Kumamon".

Especially my children didn't want to dance because they were shy.

They wouldn't join in Quiz with Kumamon.

We went to the deck in the middle of the show and enjoyed seeing the arrival and departure of the airplanes for a while.

My children liked it better than Yuru-chara!

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