What he is really into in now

I had a day off yesterday.

I took my 5-year-old daughter to the nursery school in the morning and my 6-year-old son went to the park next to the nursery school.

His purpose was cicada catching.

I wrote about it before ( → the post of 7/26  http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/2015/07/cicada-catching.html )

Last Wednesday, he and I went to the park for cicada catching, his friend came there with his grandmother.

When they were going to pass through in front of the park, he noticed my son catching cicadas and came to him.

They enjoyed cicada catching together for an hour.

His friend asked me, "When will you come here?"

I answered,"I think we will come here in the morning of next Wednesday."

He said, "OK.  I will surely come here again. Let's play together again!"

But actually, my son went to the park everyday after he came home in the evening.

His friend and my son enjoyed catching cicadas again for an hour yesterday morning.

Friend's grandmother and I were talking together in the meantime.

Since it was too hot yesterday, his friend wanted to go home.

We said good-bye to them.

My son was going to still continue cicada catching.

I told my son,

"Let's go home! It is too hot to stay outside."

He accepted my proposal and we went home.

I told him,

" Please don't go to the park again in the evening. I have to make dinner. If we go, I will be surely tired!"

But he wanted to go to the park again as I thought.

I don't want him to go to the park alone because he is still young.

Many incidents like kidnapping, phantom killer, traffic accident, and so on have occurred in Japan.

I am still worried that he goes somewhere alone.

But I also think that I need to let him practice to go out alone and it needs to be a safety place at first.

I suggested him,

"Why don't you go to the park alone while I go to the nursery school to pick your sister up?

I will go to the park with her after that. I think maybe she will also want to ride a swing there so we will stay there until 4pm."

He said "OK! Can I go from now?"

He was glad and go to the park.

2 days ago, He wanted to go to the park again after we came home in the evening.

I told him,

"You can go to the park, but I can't go with you because I have a lot of things to do from now. Come back home until 5:30pm. If you can keep our promise, you can go there again tomorrow. But if you can't, you must not go there alone again."

He was able to keep our promise and came back home on time.

He loves cicada catching and I don't have the right to stop that he goes to the park.

He doesn't get tired of it though he does it every day (sometimes twice a day), but I can't go with him everyday because I have to do a lot of housework after I come home.

Fortunately, the park where he goes is very near from our house, so it may be a good opportunity to let him practise to go alone.

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