I don't like cicadas!

Since my 6-year-old son wanted to go to the park to catch cicadas again, we went to the park a little far from our house today.

The park is bigger than the park where we usually go.

The temperature today was so high and we noticed that there were no people at the park.

The highest temperature is 35 degrees today!

I prepared our hats, my parasol, and the water bottle which I poured cold barley tea.

My son got absorbed into catching cicadas and my 5-year-old daughter rode a swing.

After that, we walked around a pond to look for cicadas.

He was not comfortable with the weather today and he was not in his mood to catch cicadas.

Then my daughter stepped on two cicadas which were on the road and they died soon.

He got mad at her and hit her.

"Oh no! Why did you step on them! I should not have come to catch cicadas! I don't like cicadas!"

He kicked poor dead cicadas.

She started crying.

I was about to scold him, but I didn't.

I thought they got tired because of the heat.

Needless to say, we came back home soon to take a rest.

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