A incredibly generous "HAPPY STORE"

My son and daughter started making believe they were shopkeepers yesterday's evening.

My 5-year-old son told me, "Our shop don't have any customers! Why don't you come to my store?"

I was busy of doing my housework, but I stopped doing it and visited their store.

I:Hi. What can I buy here?

S(My son) : Look! This store's name is  "HAPPY STORE". We surely make you happy. We are selling these fruits. You can buy a cake, too!

I: Really? So I will take a strawberry and a cake. How much?

S: 500 yen please.

I: Here you are ( I paid him 500 yen coin of the toy.).

S: Thank you. Here is your change ( He gave me a ten-thousand yen bill and 500 yen coin).

I: Why do you give money to me so much?  The money you gave me is much more expensive than the amount I paid you!

S: That's OK. Don't worry. I told you this shop is "HAPPY STORE". We make you HAPPY!

I : Oh.. I see.

S: And in addition, the customer who bought a cake can get a white dress for free!

I: What?

S: And further, the customer who got a white dress can also get this house!

I: Wow! How generous you are! If you are too generous, your store will surely go bankrupt soon!

S: Bankrupt? What is it? What do you mean?

If there were such a optimistic and happy store truly, I would surely become a regular customer!

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