Which Christmas Cake do you want to eat?

I found the newspaper flyer of the Christmas cake of Japanese style confectionery store yesterday morning.

They make not only Japanese style confectionery but also serve cakes only in Christmas season.

I found the Christmas cake of the Japanese sweet in it.


These small cakes are made of sweet bean paste and rice cake sweets.

They look yummy!

But my children and I like these cakes more↓.

When the Christmas season comes every year, I like collecting handbills of  Christmas cakes and looking at them leisurely every year.

I asked my children which cakes they want to eat.

My 5-year-old son answered " I like the cake which the train is on!"

My 4-year-old daughter answered " I like this and this and this... Oh! I like to eat all of them!"

We usually enjoy only looking at them, and I don't order the cakes like these because my children can't eat so much and my husband doesn't like sweets either.

If I order a whole cake, I must eat almost of it!

The whole cake is too much for me.

I can be satisfied with only a slice of cake.

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