A photo with a normal face

I went to the photo shop with my children yesterday because we are planning to visit Guam for our family trip next month.

This will be our first trip together going abroad so they need to apply for passports.

In my case, I just need to renew my own since it was already expired.

While we are on our way to the shop, suddenly my 4-year-old daughter started  to get scared and said,

"No! I don't want to go into the shop! I know there are two BIG BLACK DOGS there!"

I was so surprised because she remembered her scary experience.

We visited this shop 2 years ago for my ID picture.

The owner had two big black dogs and he let them walk freely around the shop.

My daughter was so scared with those dogs and she became panic and was extremely crying.

Thinking back about that experience I decided not to go back there but instead go to another photo shop.

While driving, I explained to them not to move while the staff is taking the photo because the passport photograph has a strict standard and if we can't pass the examination, you will not be able to get the passport and it means we can't go to Guam.

But my 4-year-old daughter didn't understand what I said as I expected.

When she was taken a photo at the photo shop, she gave a peace sign with full smile.

I told to her, "No No! You must not smile! Just show your normal face!"

But she made a princess pose (she put both hands under her chin) with full smile again!

I told her for the second time, "No!! Please make a normal face!! You will not be able to go to Guam!"

After telling her that we can't go to Guam, she listened to my instruction and she did show her normal face.

But I was so surprise as she said "I want to look cute and charming in my passport photo, that's why I did those poses", and this statement from my daughter made me realize how genuine her thought was like that of a child.

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