They ate dinner up! ~ I recall the days that I suffered from my children's picky eating ~

Today's topic is about food again.

I made "Oden" on Monday.

(11/25 diary entry → http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/2014/11/yummy-oden-i-cant-stop-eating.html )

On the next day after  I make "Oden", I often cook "Takikomi-gohan" with soup of the "Oden".

This is yesterday's dinner.

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soup with beaten egg
ham salad
Japanese tea

I spent too much time making "Takikomi-gohan", so the other dishes were corner-cutting cooking.

But, my children ate them completely saying "Mom, these are yummy! Couldn't be better!"

They used to be picky eaters.

My son was especially terrible when he was 2 years old.

He only ate sweet breadsticks.

Since he didn't eat though I devised ways to make dishes easy to eat,he still didn"t eat so  I was so hurt.

I wrote the sentence below on a piece of  paper and stuck it on the fridge so I wouldn't get anggry with him.

 "It's NOT a big deal though if he eats breadsticks for three meals because he is my lovely son."

But now, he is able to eat everything including green vegetables though he sometimes says " I don't like this".

Thanks to the school lunch.

Cooks prepare nutrionally-balanced meal which is good for children everyday.

We had an enjoyable dinner time.

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