Japanese conscience ~ the unmanned sale stand~

My neighbor's family sometimes opens the unmanned fruits and vegetables sale stand.

They sell fresh fruits and vegetables in the house's garage near the nursery school where my children go everyday.

I noticed that they opened it yesterday, so I bought a bag of persimmons ( there are 7 persimmons in it), a Chinese cabbage, two turnips, and a sweet potato.

Farmers sell the imperfect vegetables which can't sell on the market at unmanned store stands.

They look bad or are too big, but they taste as good as those sold on the market.
A Chinese cabbage, two turnips, and a sweet potato were only 100 yen each.

And the seven persimmons were only 200 yen.

I was so surprised that they were very cheap!

And look at the sweet potato in the photo.

How big it is!

I am planning to do the "Sweet potato party" using it with my family.

I paid 500 yen into an unattended box.

Since the clerk was not there, if I didn't pay for them, our neighbor's family would not notice it.

But we pay for them even if nobody is there, and the box was merely put there, but nobody stole it.

If it were stolen by somebody, they could not prevent it.

I mean, an unmanned sale stand can't be opened and maintained by anyone without our clean conscience.

That is, everyone has a clean conscience not to steal from others.

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