Happy Birthday Grandma!

I went to my parent's house with my children to celebrate my mother's birthday yesterday.

We prepared two presents for her.

One was a birthday card.

My 5-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter wrote messages and pictures for her.

Another one was a DVD.

I recorded my son's playing Electone (*1) , their songs and messages for her.

(*1)It is a trademark used for electronic organs produced by Yamaha Corporation.
       He goes to Yamaha's music school every Saturday and learns how to play Electone.

On our way to my parent's house, I bought a birthday cake at my favorite cake shop.

I was going to buy a whole cake with a message on top using a chocolate , but my son told me that he wanted a piece of chocolate cake insted.

Since my daughter heard him insisted with my idea, she also told me "I want to eat this whole strawberry sponge cake alone!".

They started quarreling in the shop.

I told them "Whose birthday is it today? Your grandma, right? You can see "Happy Birthday" written here, can't you? Let's buy this one!"

I decided to buy a whole strawberry sponge cake, but since my son never gave up buying a piece of chocolate cake, eventually I bought both of them.

We sang a happy birthday song and my mother blew out the candles.


Of course the chocorate plate on the top of the cake was eaten by my children!

After we finished eating a cake, we took a walk around the house.

My hometown is famous for its traditional ceramics.

I found a pretty cat postman which made of ceramics on the post as we take a walk and it catched my attention so I took a photo of it!

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