My sweet home where a little Godzilla lives

I was busy at work yesterday.

I am a part time job worker and I sometimes work on Sunday when my husband has a day off.

I had already decided that the menu for dinner is "curry pan".

I often make hot pot cooking when it is getting colder and colder and my family can eat dinner all together because it is easy to make and it makes us warm.

After I finished working, I stopped at the supermarket and called my husband to ask him whether there are enough vegetables and meat which are insufficient to make a curry pan or not.

On my way home, I expected that I would be busy for housework after I come home.

My husband rarely did housework and my children rarely clean up their toys when I had a work on Sunday.

But when I came back home, I felt the smell of curry.

I thought "By some possibility? "

Wow! He had finished making a curry pan !

And my son came to the entrance and told me "Look mom! We have almost cleaned up the room!"

I was so surprised!

The living room was cleaned by my children!

And I also surprised that my son transformed himself to "Godzilla" using the corrugated cardboard!

Needless to say, we had a wonderful dinner!

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