The excellent services of my favorite hair salon

Since I had a day off yesterday, I went to my favorite hair salon to have my hair cut.

I have tried going to the other hair salon several times, but in the end, I realize that I like this hair salon the best.

I have been having my hair cut there for 15 years.

There are some reasons why I like this hair salon.

1. My hair don't get any damage when I have my hair permed and dyed there

They give my hair a treatment called "the water treatment" before a perm or a hair dye.

I feel the water permeate my hair, it makes me feel good.

2. There is a hair stylist who is compatible to me

I always choose the same hair stylist.

Since I trust her, I request just a little, and I leave it up to her.

She knows my hair better than me, so she can choose the best way for me.

3. Shampoo is very comfortable

The seat in the shampoo station is very nice.

And their technique of shampooing are excellent.

I always feel so nice that I can't help dozing off.

4. I am able to read the latest magazines.

While having a hair cut, I like reading magazines.

The hair stylist sometimes talks to me, but she keeps quiet while I read them.

Thanks to her nice consideration, I enjoy reading them.

I usually don't have time to read someting and watch TV at home, so this opportunity is very fun for me.

 I had a very relaxing time there!

(The photo is not my favorite hair salon. It is just a image.)

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