The good old photos which can't be thrown away

DdSince most of the customers of my work are old people(in their 70's or 80's), I often have opportunities to talk with them.

I noticed one thing yesterday through our conversation.
When they talk about photos, they tend to say that they don't want to keep their own photos in any photo albums because their families will not be able to move on when they pass away.

One of my co-worker told her experience to me.

When her mother passed away, she hesitated to throw her mother's photos because she felt those photos as the nostalgic and precious memories of her mother.

Eventually she couldn't throw those photos and she keeps the pile of albums of her even now.
She told me that she keeps her own photos in a CD for it not to take many space.

I felt sad to hear her and their story.

Recently I took photos of my children, but I have few opportunities to have my own photos taken.

But I have many old photos which my mother took.

Those photos will be thrown away by me someday.

I tried to imagine my feeling of the day that I get older and I decide to throw my precious memories away.

I still feel sad now when I think about it, but I guess I may be able to feel relieved like after I finish cleaning my room someday.

One of our customer who is in his 80's told us laughing yesterday, "I started putting my affairs in order. I have thrown most of my photos!"

That was a story that makes me think.

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