The Sweet Potato Party!

Our family held "A Sweet Potato Party" at home yesterday.

I steamed the cut potatoes by the rice cooker.
(I think that sweet potatoes become sweeter when they are steamed using the rice cooker.)

And I baked them with butter until they turned slightly brown on the hotplate.

At last, I sprinkled a little salt on them and ate them.

These were SO YUMMY!!

The vegetables during this season are very rich in taste therefore simple seasoning brings out the taste of the vegetables.

I was so surprised because my children, who usually won't eat vegetables so much, ate them energetically!

They were so yummy that my husband told me that he wanted to try the other vegetables.

He prepared green peppers, carrots, potatoes, and wieners and baked them with butter.

These are also very YUMMY!

We couldn't stop eating yummy autumn food!

I was going to eat a sweet potato as a snack, so we started the party at 3:30pm.

But they were so yummy that we decided to have them for dinner.

The delicious and fun party lasted until 6:00pm.

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