Wonderful and enjoyable Saturday

Since my husband worked from afternoon, my children and I went to my parents' house.

After reaching their house, my mother told me "Why don't you go to the airport? We can see the Christmas illumination  there, so Let's go and see it!"

The airport was so crowded, but fortunately we were able to find a empty parking lot vacated by someone lately.

We had dinner first.

Fried shrimps were very big and yummy!  I felt happy(^^).

There was a big paper lantern near the restaurant.

The flower festival was also held at the airport.

We had a chance to see beautiful Christmas flower arrangements.

This was the Japanese-style arrangement.

Christmas presents looked so cute!

And Christmas illimination was excellent!

We were so excited to see them.

We reached home at 8:10pm.

It was very late for little children, but they didn't fall asleep on our way home.

I guessed because they were too excited to sleep.

But, they fell asleep soon after they got into bed.

We had a very good time.

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