The Matching Game, Moving From Joy To Sorrow

My 4-year-old daughter told me "Let's play the matching card game!"  yesterday evening.

There are 17 kinds,  two pieces each of  the same animal and we turn them over and spread.

We turn up 2 cards, and if we can match the same animals, we can get the matching pair and try again.

The person who can get the card the most is the winner.

When I could get the 2 cards, my daughter suddenly got angry with me saying "Mom! You are not fair!".

I answered "I am fair, it's your turn!"

She turned up one card and it was a penguin.

She asked me " Where is another penguin?"

I answered "I don't know!  Noone knows about it because we have just started now!"

It took her so long to decide which card to flip over next and her card was not penguin.

She got upset and started crying loudly saying " It was not penguin! I wanted the penguin card!"

Since  my 5-year-old son and I were used to see her crying, we continued the game as if nothing happened.

Unfortunately my son could get the penguin cards by chance!

My daughter got angry more and more and cried and cried.

Then my son gave the cards to my daughter!

She jumped up and down with joy and told him "Wow! Thank you very much!"

I was surprised because he did same things as my daughter last year, but now he could give them to his sister.

I was proud of him.

I told about this happening to my mother, she told me that my daughter was very similar to me when I was a nursery school student.

My parents called my state that I get angry  "the Storm"  when I was 4 years old.

She may be competitive like me who was 4 years old.

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